Organization of holiday camps:
    Many children don't have the chance to go on holidays, nor to participate in activities of discovering and expressing, mostly due to financial reasons.
So we decided to organize holidays camps at the lowest possible price (the price often being covered altogether by the social securities of the State), with voluntary staff, while maintaining a quality level and an educational project.

     Educational activities:
    A lot of children wander in the streets or spend hours in front of the television either due to the lack of money, or due to the lack of activities in certain rural zones; we organized activities on Saturday afternoons (also with voluntary staff).
    Help with the homework:
    After school many parents still have to work, and afterwards when they return home tired they have too little energy to actively help their children with their homework. A service of assistance to homework worked in relation - and accommodated by - a school.
    Regrettably, it seems that this type of voluntary structure did sort of "shadow" for the teachers who tried to round off their month by giving private tuition ... (!)

   We also collected clothes hgh for sale in favour of socially discriminated persons (gipsies often), offered cinema tickets for children of families registered to some of the social services (Resto du Coeur, etc....).

Specific action "FOR A SICK CHILD"

    This is the story of a Russian child, living in Germany, suffering from leukaemia. Anton lived with his mother when his leukaemia was diagnosed. After some months a working colleague of his mother Natasha established contact to Lama Shenphen, a religious Buddhist monk, who at the time was leading a Dharma Centre in Greece. In December 1998, Anton and the Lama met in Germany. The monk spent two weeks to relieve, successfully, the side-effects of chemotherapies.
    At the same time the child found the image of a missing father in this attentive and warm man. The return of the monk to his island left the child in tears. Lama Shenphen returned to Germany in March 1999 for two weeks. Then in April, at the end of the treatment, decision was taken to allow the child to go to benefit from the climatic and environmental conditions of the island of Paros for his convalescence.
    After three months of enjoyment and stability, without any health problem, a relapse was diagnosed! Anton returned to the hospital in Berlin to begin chemotherapies again. The Lama spend four months far from his Centre, to stay with this child, seven days a week, and sleeping at the hospital six nights out of seven, praying for Anton's survival, but also helping him to eat, to wash himself, to get dressed, to blow his nose, etc....
    Regrettably, the leukaemia of the little boy was chemo-resistant. He returned to his home to spend the last weeks there, and died on October 29, 1999, in the presence of his mother and the Lama.

      We could add that the medical team of the hospital refused the possibility of trying an anti-cancer medicine which had already given evidence - being accepted among others by the American National Institute of Cancer and numerous cancerologists in the world, - persuaded that this type of leukaemia inevitably leads to death. There seem to be other reasons too, because the medicines currently used are very expensive products, while this product is made on herbal basis (celandine, Chelidonium majus) and is much less expensive... But this is another subject.
    This treatment (Ukrain (C)) had already been set up at home and had begun to give good results. But Anton needed blood, which was refused by the hospital! The little boy then fell in a coma... And never came out of it.

    Internet site of the medicine in question:

    Page which was created on the Web site of Paros's centre (in English): In Memory of Toni-Norbu