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The AMCHI Association (Association Multidisciplinary Cultural and Humanitarian International) was founded in 1986 with the wish to help via humanitarian and/or social projects; however its activities really began in 1990, with the first project in India.

The association is composed only of volunteers united around a common will: to introduce and support any project being able to help any person, either materially or morally, in whatever condition, HGH benefits without religious or political goals.

The AMCHI Association managed to gather the will and financial resources to realize four humanitarian missions in South India, creating and supporting a sanitary project in a Tibetan refugee camp. It is a dispensary, which became a small hospital, and a toilet block, that have been set up there.

Afterward we set up the sponsoring system which for more than ten years allows a growing number of children and adults, to receive the necessary money to cover their basic needs (food, schooling, hygiene), and in return they dedicate their energy to educate themself and to help others.

The AMCHI Association also works to support short-term and long-term actions, in agreement with the needs of our time, and sometimes in front of our door. AMCHI also helps in healthcare, the purchase of clothes, medical treatments, the reception of sick children

At instigation of volunteers who are looking everywhere for existing social and moral misery with the intention to deminish it. A humanitarian mission took place in Russia; there is still the project of helping a hospital receiving street children, which has very unsufficient resources (and is the only structure of this type for a city of 5 million inhabitants!).

Recently through contacts we were able to help a local population of Eastern Tibet, in the Kharnang area. New projects are existing in this place, in which AMCHI is taking an active part. Informations can be find on the Tibetan projects page. You can also see the last updates

Our financial resources mainly come from our private incomes, but also from donations.
We clearly need your help too. Small brooks make large rivers, a small donation here and another small donation there help us to do a step more every time. It is a precious help if you simply become a member of the association.
Please, know as well that AMCHI has no office nor phones by concerns of economy; and that the running costs are often covered by the team itself at our personal level.

AMCHI is a concept of help without limits, voluntarily, deprived of self-interest, and completely altruistic. It may seem surprising in a world based on competition, power, money, tangible assets ... But it is the motivation which gives us energy for our actions.


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